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tv   Campaign 2018 Wisconsin Senate Debate  CSPAN  October 15, 2018 11:12am-12:14pm EDT

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wisconsin senator tammy baldwin faces republican challenger leah black mirror in a debate in wisconsin over the weekend. they debated health care, climate change, immigration, and marijuana. they also share their views on the appointment of brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. a reminder that c-span is your primary source for campaign 2018. the studio in wausau, wisconsin broadcasters association foundation presents, the 2018 u.s. senate debate. tammy baldwin and --. here is the foundation president and ceo. >> good evening. -- it's number and rated television stations are pleased to welcome me to the u.s. senate debate between the two leading candidates.
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kate and state senator leah bill kreher. we are in wisconsin. in beautiful downtown wausau. excellence in public service. the debate is underwritten by the debbie v.a. foundation and supported by a grant me wisconsin association of independent coverages. let's go now to our moderator heard a veteran wisconsin broadcaster, member of the debt bva hall of fame and a professor of leadership in diversity. >> good evening. high quality debate served to marketing by helping voters see clear distinctions between candidates. they are not a game show. specific content generalities, policies not personalities and they demand candidates back of their positions and promises with fact
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that stand the test of scrutiny. that and we set specific rules for the candidates to which they have agreed. the order of candidates has been determined by coin toss. we don't play favorites though do expect them to keep to time third the majority of the hour means 92nd answers to peddle his questions. our candidates can see a big countdown clock. if they reach their 92nd limit and continue, i asked him to stop. if they gone, i will note in their microphone will cease to function. candidates have been known to avoid giving specific answers or change the subject. if that happens we have agreed at the moderator will invoke the option to -- given 30 seconds to answer the question as asked. our candidates have agreed not to use props and we don't either. for the last court of the hour will ask if you click questions each candidate. for which the each have 30
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seconds to respond. unless it directly attacked their opponent, there is no rebuttal. they close with statements from each candidate. let's get started by welcoming andenator tammy baldwin miss leah -- and now we start the questioning. we start with -- and vineland are. >> on wednesday, you sent up the street. must read, and a new op-ed today, donald trump says -- will demolish our promises to our seniors. op-ed byto an president trump that attacked medicare for all. your: it is baldwin care because senator bolden is a cosponsor. in the usa today op at president said medicare for all will investment medicare. multiple, nonpartisan fact checkers debunk that and other to the president's claims. the washington post went as far
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as to say almost every sentence contained a misleading statement or a false one. for example, seniors will not lose their benefits, they'll get more. do you stand beside the president up ed? >> i stand behind the fact that the planet center baldwin is supporting. caree called it baldwin which is a complete government takeover of health care. she wants to turn the entire thing over to government. if you read the bill, and i have medicare,ll dismantle medicaid, the tri-care program, that our veterans use. you will also dismantle the affordable care act and i agree with that. it also gets rid of private insurance. i think that tammy baldwin is ok with that. i am not. this is a scary scenario to me as a nurse who was given quality
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care to patients throughout my entire career. tammy baldwin wants to put everyone on the system were doctors will be reimbursed at a much lower rate. that means far few doctors are going to participate. many will retire, fewer will want to. . the quality of care is going to go down. i've worked too hard to give quality care to the patients in my career and on my going to let that happen to our seniors or to anyone in the state of wisconsin or our country. >> response? >> first of all, i read that fact check and i agree with the premise of your question. almost every line was not true. that she talked a lot about her time as a nurse.
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but i want to focus on her voting record as a 16 your politician. and, no wonder she is worried about private insurance. vote, on house issues, she seems to have cited more with the private insurers that she has a patient's. whether that is her vote to deny insurance coverage for -- or her vote to deny deaf children cope. implants or hearing aids, or her insuranceevent companies from expending mental health coverage, on and on, it is like she cares more about forng sure the cost insurance companies than for wisconsin patients. it is a question not a choice for the voters. are going to go backwards? or are going to go for it? there are critical issues facing --right now in the united
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states congress. we have a person plans to lower them or it i believe we should have medicare negotiate for lower prescription drug prices are at which it passed bipartisan fair drug pricing ask heard we need to move forward to the goal -- >> the salon to the next question. blockr proposal to low-cost lookover tells insurance sales by you just one vote in the senate. why should an otherwise healthy young person not be allowed to buy that type of health insurance. what should happen of a person finds out that certain things are not covered their prescription of drugs. many people ensure -- refer to those as junk insurance. we do not have to cover it
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enough to cover prescription drug coverage. they do not to cover maternity care and most of them don't. my opponent supports these. i feel to go back to the old days when these plans would stay attractive people either as you say were healthy would enroll and find out that they and the time of need, they are not covered. up in bankruptcy court. we don't want to go back to those days. we want to move forward and keep the guarantees of the affordable care act. you cannot discriminate against someone because they had a pre-existing health condition. that, along with other protections. exist,these plans to truck to only three months because of what we found is that prices went up in the insurance market because older people
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needed the coverage. a lot of folks who thought they would be healthy got stuck with a gretzky or bills when they enrolled in health insurance is not cover them. >> i want to something that she just previously said, she wishes to cherry pick votes that were taken. i have a strong track record of supporting mental health heard a to on mental health issues heard it is easy for her to grab a quick headline by saying things like. that there are a lot of unintended consequences from pieces of legislation and i keep that in mind. let's talk about her proposal and the fact that, i think that what you are proposing, are restrictive. we will people to have more choices. imagine if you had a son or a daughter and wanted to get off your insurance. and they are healthy.
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and they want to stand on their own. they cannot do that under the proposal you have. been want to bankrupt their parents if you have one major accident. they cannot afford the affordable care act. this is an option for them to have a healthy coverage for themselves. that comes all the bells and whistles. people have different needs. a market inreate health care people have insurance that works for them. that would create competition to be necessary for prices to be lowered in the price of care -- you want a one-sided -- >> no response? >> to my question. regardless they would health
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care but we are going to trim the topic to pre-existing medical conditions. you said in the first debate that was held, i would fall in front of a truck before i would let people go without coverage for pre-existing conditions. you want to repeal the affordable care act and return it to those heart risk. available before -- what did you affect. the family foundation says those costly high risk pools were up to 25,000 wisconsinites who could afford insurance. is estimated 852,000 people in the state have pre-existing conditions. if they went away tomorrow. how would it be funded? this is the thing perpetuated across the country for every republican candidate. it is their issue. the fact of the matter is, before obama care went into
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said ifederal law you're on a medicare, medicaid, or private insurance, you are covered for pre-existing conditions. i said it before and i'll say it again, i will fall in front of a truck before i let people with pre-existing conditions go without coverage. we know how to take care people with pre-existing conditions. effect of the matter is, or senator boldin is proposing, her plan is going to make it almost impossible for people to receive the care they want. if you don't have private insurance and you are that person has a rare lung disease. you're not going to see your special dr.. dr.. plan on a plane or you -- work you --. if you want any replacement, that is considered elective surgery. we have seen it happen in canada and england. people wait 12 hours in the emergency room.
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they wait two months from onset of diagnosis of cancer, ross cancer. two months before treatment. this is a treatment that center baldwin park as in. that is not good health care. that is not aware used to getting. >> think you. i'm governor you are focusing on pre-existing conditions. that is what brought me into public life to begin with. when i was a child i was very sick in the hospital. afterwards, my grandparents had a real struggle finding the insurance because i was labeled as a child with a pre-existing condition. they have been my life's work to fight to make sure that americans have access to affordable, quality health care regardless of pre-existing conditions or other factors that we don't have an age tax for people over 50. all of these things and many
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more are incorporated when we finally passed the affordable care act. my opponent would have voted against it. the vote to defeat it went down by one vote. she has said that she would be the deciding vote. i think this goes down to the choice of will he vote for her go backward? we talked about the -- program. a six month wait if you have pre-existing conditions. caps.were still lifetime only 1% with pre-existing conditions are enrolled. same with the problem with the drug plan. one in five people are rejected when they apply for the insurance. had he have a choice of doctors when they don't cover interest. >> next question. i have followers on my work
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facebook page what topics they like to see covered tonight or more my surprise, requested marijuana legalized nation than any other subject. more than a dozen wisconsin counties including the one you're in now has marijuana legalization related on the november 6 ballot. askedschool poll wisconsin residents where we stood on the issue. it followed 61% registered voters. .avored full legalization of the federal level, would you support at least changing marijuana from a schedule one drug. with no medical value. to a schedule to drug. addictive but having some medical value. at least researching marijuana for medical use. i appreciate that question.
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that comes up more than those people realize at the federal level. let me start with where i would be. i have not seen all of them but i believe that i would be, i think there is on my ballot at home. i will be supporting it or it -- supporting it. there is a problem with the schedule one designation. if summit is deemed to have no value, then there is no publicly funded research. we don't know the facts except for what has been discovered through research and other privatelyor whatever funded research has been done. when he to note this is a effective alternative to other drugs for glaucoma. other any number of
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emissions -- conditions. that alternative treatment pain that is less addictive than opioids. that has killed so many people in this country. we have other issues in this federal government. in states now, where it is legal to use marijuana, federally employed doctors cannot discuss that with their patients. there is a problem. a doctor should of furthering to talk about all options but the patients are at we have more work to do in this area. of relieving pain. >> your response? >> i firmly believe that this is an issue that should be settled at the state level. i have serious concerns about the legalization of marijuana. people know that. i work at -- look at marijuana and affected his -- it is a
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schedule one drug heard there are no medical indications for its use. therefore, i believe it is very concerning that senator boldin would be willing to open this up. the department of justice enforcement of education has said marijuana is highly addict did hurt even more addictive than vicodin and other drugs. we have a serious heroine and opioid addiction problem in our state and in our country. a problem that senator boldin a you, i i have to tell don't want to put us in a situation where we are now contributing to that in making the problem worse. the governor of colorado, has , thed to set states beware careful before you go down this road. at its a nurse and look from any perspective of the
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research i have seen on the brain development of our tongue people. -- young people. where wedone this road make is legal, what is going to happen to our young people. are not willing to take that risk. >> are going to go to our social media desk. >> good evening. a lot of people on social media want me to ask about climate change. a report released earlier this month by the united nations scientific panel on climate change is the consequences of climate change are more immediate than producing thought. that includes worsening food shortages, wildfires, and a massive die out of court reads by the year 2040. you signed the no climate tax your promisemeans to fight legislation that taxes industries producing carbon. do you agree with the science
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behind climate change and its effects in light of the you and report? god gave us this great earth. it is our responsibility to nurture it and to care for it. that means making sure that we are taking care of our natural resources. we also have to be careful that when we go down the road, of trying to -- climate change. i think everyone agrees that worried what we have to be careful of when we go down this road, is that we balance whatever procedures and mechanisms we are doing to try to affect the change in climate. we are not just doing something without certainty. but it's going to make a difference. of the problem was so many of these green ideas. they are not based in science. there based on a whim and there
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is no certainty it will make a difference. but about the need for protecting's beautiful earth that was given to us with the need to make sure that we are not spending money in areas that are going to make a difference. these are proposals that put a lot of -- on countries with the only one that follow through on it that america. other countries are doing nothing worried -- nothing. is not for two or industries. i believe we can take care of this is a balance the two needs together. i know we can do it. we had be careful that we just ideas embrace extreme that have no certain benefits to make a difference. i have reviewed the u.n. climate report. it does present very dire concerns. including global temperatures
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warming of 2.7 degrees fahrenheit by 2040. i also see all around me. i have been twice up to northern counties in 2016 and 2018 just to survey damage from incredibly extreme rain events that of washed out roads and cost local communities resources in order to repairing i see what is happening. my opponent. my opponent not only disputes climate science and i am wanted today that she also is disputing some of the science behind cleaner energy sources, but she also would see wanted to eliminate the environmental protection agency which protects the water we drink in the air we breathe.
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we all share that on this planet. presse got to continue to for better stewardship and resiliency these days. addition, i have to say that the of facts are a round us worried they are immediate. >> you may do in your closing statement. >> the new topic is the topic of the supreme court. >> abc news washington post poll released yesterday shows americans disapprove of justice brett kavanaugh's confirmation to the supreme court. 53% of respondents report more investigation by congress. .
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i just cap not. to justice cap not. the truthfulness of the confirmation hearing. i remember the nomination of brett kavanaugh and get an opportunity to review his record. my immediate concern --. he has a fair and impartial and independent voice on the supreme court. because i realize how the stakes are reeling in and having the court to cuban polluters erika ender water clean. and access to contraception.
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we wrote that a president should know scrutiny or investigation no one is president nominated him. i decided i cannot casted vote in favor of brett kavanaugh after my early review of his records. i asked seven times to meet with brett kavanaugh. the white house failed to make a opportunity available to me. dozens of my colleagues. dr. blasey ford, i found are credible and a compelling and i believe her. i'm going out to invoke the moderate option to ask you to address the specific question that was asked about reopening a investigation into the allegations of sexual misconduct any allegation of perjury.
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specifically, i do not believe that the white house allows a full and fair investigation. i had a chance to review the fbi report on two occasions after it came out. it was clear that they limited access to witnesses. and they do not follow tips or clues. it is only fair that when somebody against all odds speaks out like dr. blasey ford, there should be a thorough review. i don't believe that investigation should have been opened again. nore were seven or eight already open and senator boldin decided after 48 hours it was announced, that judge kavanaugh was going to be the pick. she said she's not going to support him.
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this to me is unbelievable. the me too movement requires that we hear from the woman who made the allegation and give due process to the person who was accused worried you didn't have the decency to even meet with judge kavanaugh. you had your mind made up third where is the due process and that. didn't come up the excuses you call the white house and you tried. are you that in effect to that you could not get the opportunity to meet with somebody is going to be before you to be confirmed. that is your job. that is a job as a senator. the senate has advised and consented. you are responsible for getting that done. you did not get that done. i put that on you. it is wrong. we know that you have not done your job.
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you miss hearings, you missed votes. people want a representative who is going to be there for them. is going to send up and listen and follow through on concerns. >> were going to gone with another question. center bombing, you said that dr. for testimony was credible in your eyes. president trump has says that it was a very scary time for young men in america. other sphere is a troublesome time for women with legitimate sexual harassment claims. who is right, what is your position, and had we sort out competing claims? it is a important issue. that is why i believe that the actions of senator baldwin cheapened the me too movement.
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it is when they are serious allegations that have been cooperated. nothing was cooperated. i believe something happened to dr. ford hurried i don't believe judge kavanaugh was the person. it was clear that there was nothing to cooperate that. this is why it is so important that we have people who are willing to listen and act to follow through on due process. center ball in a show to she is not interested in doing that. as a farmer serious case of the me too movement in minnesota. candidateey general not only stands with him, she has been endorsed by him. she has endorsed him in here is the case. with the accused person. . the woman who has put the allegation forward, has serious reports medical reports showing the expense to which she was
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hurtedly victimized and and beaten up by her boyfriend. in that case a serious me too movement. you are there but you could not be there for judge kavanaugh. i had to clean up a bit here. line again. the way you make an apartment with a nominee is to go through the dominator which is the white house. i am a month dozens of senators who were denied the chance to meet with him. i do not know if they were going into protection mode, but that is the truth. we certainly have documentary evidence about. i have the best voting attendance record in the entire
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senate and house delegation at 99 .6%. i would just state, seven out of 10 opioid passport hearings. that is the record of my opponent. i want to get to the question here. there is lots of reasons people don't speak up. some do believe that they will be listened to. some don't believe they'll be believed. dr. blasey ford can forward with great loss to herself and her family. create a environment and i were able people can do that. do some of the victims in the catholic church take decades to speak out? victims take decades to
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speak out? it doesn't have to be cooperated. >> with move over to test. portion -- weut a are going to talk about a portion. has a more conversation on social media and elsewhere on what would happen if roe v. wade were overturned? according to a poll from nbc news and the wall street journal, 71% of americans do not want overturned, including 52% of republicans. is, will be your next move especially for women who are left with no legal means for a abortion question mark -- # >> i support roe versus wade. i am pro-choice. shouldve that a woman have the right to control her own body and maker owned medical choices.
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i don't believe this is an area where government should intervene. my opponent's position on this have not only been supporting the overturning of roe v. wade, but beyond that, measures that would ban in vitro fertilization by which many couples who definitely want children need to conceive. it would banish stem cell research that has created promising treatments for people who need it. abortionsan access to in all circumstances including rape and infest. instead of wisconsin, there is law that havehe existed before roe v. wade was decided. immediately in the state of wisconsin, we would have a situation where doctors could be arrested.
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where women would begin to lose their lives again if their right to a safe and legal abortion were taken a way. i strongly believe that we need to fight for women's choices. >> the question was what would you do if roe v. wade were overturned? certainly, i would try to ass laws that would protect woman's right to control her own body. the immediate impact is actually a state impact. at a federal level, i would press to be reinstated by
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legislation. with that said, depending on what state they live in, would be in jeopardy of no longer being able to control her body's . after roeuld you do v. wade would be overturned? >> i am a nurse and i am 100% pro-life. i cannot imagine not being pro-life. is sen. baldwin: talk about -- was it make up all kinds of things about different pieces of what is laois and that i supposedly support our don't support. extreme to me in supporting partial birth abortion. i don't even know how you put your head under pillow at night knowing that you support the of pulling ale act
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baby out of the mother's womb limit by limb -- limb by limb. most americans find that repulsive. yet this is what senator baldwin stands for and has a hard time explaining. because it is absolutely disgusting. i believe that we should support life. i've always supported life. i remember holding a 24 week old baby and i saw that tiny heart beating. beating so quickly trying to cling onto life. that itoldin believes is a woman's right to choose. that is a right to kill. i have to invoke the option, the question was what would you done after roe v. wade,
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especially half of women? >> abortion is wrong. choices. other are no people look at it from this perspective. i admit people whose parents decided to give them upright option and they are so grateful that both parents give them life that is aborting them. why are we talking about these soer options are available you will want to adopt children. we will move on. we are here in we are -- heavy on instagram workers.
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-- immigrant workers. immigrant workers will negatively impact the state's signature industries. wall mustaid that a be built before anything is built above immigration. the wall could be years away. what is -- in the meantime? >> i am the daughter of greek immigrants. and help them study further citizenship tests. they assimilated into this country. they want to become americans. it is so important to them. i feel very strongly. that that border security, that wall must be built. i stand with president trump recalls that in as ago run this great state, people strongly feel that way. why are we live you will cross
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this order, participate in this american experience, i believe that senator baldwin on the other hand would prefer open borders. i don't believe it. i know it. border would be to draw a line in the dirt. would support ms 13 gang members coming across our border. he doesn't even vote for case law. imagine a young beautiful woman in california who was murdered by an illegal immigrant. times tock five mexico. that woman died at his hands. centerfold voted against case law. see illegalto immigration.of -- the question is what we do
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for his constant farmers and acted by the loss of immigrant labor? >> i believe in enforcing our borders and illegal immigration. is important, it is not for the people who have gone to a process that for years, people of gone through to participate in the privilege of becoming an american. there are a lot of things we can do. may things we've done here in wisconsin area. >> we have a broken immigration system and winning solutions, not just for political issues. to workhe opportunity with republican democratic
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colleagues. thad cochran as a immigration bills and 2013. it dealt with border security. 20,000 new border patrol agent's dealt with agricultural -- it dealt with a pathway to citizenship for our dreamers as well as others. it was passed with 60 a bipartisan votes. we know we could do it but as we politicize the issue over again, it is unfortunate. wisconsin. -- in we outnumbered that significantly. it was an unstable workforce. and, most air france cannot last a week without their work. . , are for i referred to
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planting season and harvesting season. we know that derek has need to be milk -- dairy cows need to be milked every day. that is one of the things we did on july 6. my up on it would not look at this until it build a wall -- opponent would not look at this until he pulled wall. >> let's talk about the practice of family separation. the washington post reported of the trump is actually considering a plan that could separate parents from children at the border. it would give families seeking asylum the choice of 20 days in detention. or allowing children to be separated and taken to a shelter. do support this plan? >> i don't. there is that
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administration failure time and time again. the scene tots, more attractive as political issues that no one wants to get down and solve. trump will not talk about much else until he gets his wall. i believe the comprehensive immigration reform. snatchedeing babies from their mothers and fathers. imagine how herring for the families involved. a few years ago during the obama administration, we had a different situation also involving children. we had unaccompanied children come into our border without their parents. i had a lot of questions about how we handle questions such as that. how we handle families or relatives that we can place with. , we do not sure that
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the children in cages. like this president has done. we can't ever look at doing that again. they are despicable. we are a country that welcomes immigrants and we should always be that country. we can do much better than this. >> hearing center boldin talk about how -- senator bolden talk about -- and how we should be is wrong. the same thing is happening under the obama administration. now, because it is president trump, you want to go on the attack. there is nothing president trump will do that you will not support. it is obvious of this with this party is all about. do everything you can to abstract.
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you are obstructing the process that will enforce our legal system. it is very important that we have a wall. that we build that wall and create. what you are doing though is that you're willing to let people jump a line. until you take care of our people can take advantage of all things have in our country. with the complete government take over and health care, to then have these people will be a part of the health care system. where will we find this? there is so much you don't understand about the system and the fact that you are so willing to allow people to come across our border. >> we're going to move onto one last section.
11:58 am
of the end of the first debate, you are asked for three ideas to reduce gun violence in the nation. you answered that you support the second amendment and the means of self protection and mental health care. santa paula and said it bump stock and cracking down on purchases and universal background checks. would you support any of those ideas? cracking down on purchases for universal background checks. or the of other specific ideas besides those that you mentioned already. >> i am a strong supporter of the second amendment. eiffel very strongly that is something that are founding fathers put so much high up on our list. haveieve is important to
11:59 am
the ability protect themselves. people at a given the opportunity to do that. senator baldwin wants to take away people moving forward with a variety of proposals that will prepare the second amendment there it she talks about being a gun owner. stars out of five issue support the second amendment, then she makes fun of the nra. she votes for an assault weapon ban. he fact of the matter is, there are things that we can do. i am forgetting rid of the bump stock. i think it is important that we also have carefully crafted laws that look at the mental health issue and the reporting issue that were lost in many of these cases. vital information that was not passed on between law enforcement as long as we are
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carefully crafted with traditional oversight. and long way towards preventing the things from happening. let's look at these cases of action caused the problem. instead of trying to take away our second amendment rights, which is what senator baldwin is always trying to do. >> well, you are correct. i did propose three common sense safety measures and i don't believe any of them run afoul of the second amendment or i wouldn't have proposed them. i am a gun owner and i support the second amendment. i cannot understand how any candidate for any level office can witness parkland, and , and oakand orlando , and not feelin
12:01 pm
compelled to get better solutions. i'll mean things like arming teachers. i mean making sure that there gun sales that don't get a comprehensive background investigation. i believe that while purchasing is one of the biggest issues some of theo -- less high profile -- that leads to some of the less high profile shootings that we don't hear are devastating our communities. and i believe it is a no-brainer to get rid of bump stocks after what we saw in las vegas.
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>> we are going to questions for which there will be no rebuttal unless you attack each other. in the interest of bipartisanship, senator baldwin, is there an issue in which you on whichh senator -- you agree with president trump? >> thank you for that. there are quite a few. when the president came to wisconsin and signed the order , in kenosha he said i back it 100%. just last week i passed a bill that adds to buy america. i also agreed with him on a bill to renegotiate trade agreements that have not served people --l, and one more >> how about a similar question. are there policies from the trump administration that you
12:03 pm
disagree with? >> i am pleased with how our president is working so far and working so hard for america. unlike most people, i don't want failed.his president i want to see him succeed. an i think he is doing amazing job. when i think about how our previous administration -- president obama bowed to foreign leaders. >> the time is up and you did not answer the question about whether there was anything where so let the record show that. >> there have been plenty of talk -- has been plenty of talk and plenty of campaign ads in these races. senator baldwin, your office took no action on a report detailing the over prescription of opiates at the potomac v.a.. you said you took responsibility. what do you think you would do
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differently in your handling of the situation? senator baldwin: when i learned about the fact that the v.a. was overprescribing, i took immediate action. i worked with the family of a veteran who died at the v.a. that family, mom and dad said "we want to turn our tragedy into hope for other veterans." -- with the dav and the vw >> senator, i am sorry, your time is up. senator baldwin: we crafted legislation to fix it. >> the family of jason, who died at the v.a., supports senator baldwin's campaign. the family has also called the ad your campaign is airing which mentions jason as shameful.
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why have you continued to air that ad? ms. vukmir: that family is to be commended for forgiving senator baldwin for her lack of action at what happened. but it was more than jason who was affected. countless veterans have been affected and have been overprescribed. the drugs were leeching into the community. senator baldwin only acted when she was found out. >> the closing statements are two minutes in length. the coin toss says leah vukmir will go first. i am going to give you a little advice. the timer will show you 30 seconds and one minute and 30.
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it is a quirk, just know i have your back. ms. vukmir: thank you for sponsoring this debate. i think the viewers can see the stark differences. senator baldwin, someone who represents the extreme of her party. senator baldwin looks to government for all her solutions. i am a mom with a cause. i was concerned about the overreach of government in my daughter's classroom. the people of wisconsin are looking for leaders. i grew up in that factory teaching my aunts and uncles english so they could assimilate into this country. i worked my way through college and taught my children how to read because school wasn't doing it. i jumped into action and made a difference. i know what is like to try to make ends meet and trying to get your kids to college. senator baldwin doesn't understand these day-to-day struggles. senator baldwin is more
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comfortable with her friends in the hamptons than at friday night fish fry in wisconsin. when a veteran died at the v.a., her only reaction was to be concerned about her own job. that is a betrayal of wisconsin values. i have taken pride in taking care of my families and my patients. i have made a difference in their lives. i want to take that same passion to washington and represent the people as i have done here in wisconsin. i thank you very much. i am asking for your vote november 6. >> senator? senator baldwin: i want to thank our hosts, the moderator and viewers this evening. it is my enormous honor to serve as your united states senator. i think this debate shows clear choice in front of you. do you want a senator who will
12:08 pm
stand up for wisconsin, or one that will stand up for special interests, as she did repeatedly in her ears in the wisconsin legislature? i have never been afraid to stand up to big interests. i stood up to wall street. i stood up to multinational corporations in fighting for buy america policies that helps businesses that makes manhole covers. i stood up to big pharma when they jacked up prices on all sorts of life-saving drugs. all of these things are things my opponent has not. some of the key differences we do not get to include the fact that my opponent supports a tax plan that gave 83% of its benefits to the top 1% wealthiest people and big powerful corporations, and only the remainder to hard-working families.
12:09 pm
if it had been the opposite way around, that bill would have had my support. when you give one corporation, exxon mobil, a tax break that is bigger than the combination of all families in wisconsin? that is wrong. i will always fight for coverage for those with pre-existing conditions. the choice is clear. i ask for your vote. >> i would like to thanks the candidates, our panelists, and you for tuning in. a reminder to vote november 6. >> thank you for joining us for tonight's debate, an opportunity to hear from the candidates in an nonpartisan forum.
12:10 pm
this has been founded through the wba foundation through a grant of independent colleges. our stations worked together to air this broadcast, and to our moderators and panelist. election day is tuesday november 6. exercise your right to vote. wba member stations will be bringing you the results. ♪ >> with election day less than a month away, on the control of congress in question, see the competition for yourself on c-span. watch the debates from t house -- key house and senate races. make c-span your primary source for campaign 2018.
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[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] watch today.tes to virginia's seventh district begins at 6:00 p.m. 8:00, utah's fourth congressional district. and later, u.s. senate contenders in arizona. live coverage begins at 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span, your primary source for campaign 2018. >> tonight on "the communicators," jeff cohen talks about emergency communications
12:12 pm
and what has changed since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. he is interviewed by politicos technology reporter. championing the .erm dispatch of a location if someone is behind an apartment door or an office suite, 911 needs to know where to send responders. and that's a tough technological challenge. the sec -- fcc adopted in order that was groundbreaking. it was to determine a caller's location inside a building. it followed a lengthy negotiated where we with the major carriers and .heir industry representatives we cemented a plan to the fcc and the fcc adopted it.
12:13 pm
it put us on track to get to , and right now, they are testing special location technologies, and we are hopeful they will produce results. >> watch "the communicators," tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span two. crown --tor sharad in a u.s. senate with republican u.s. congressman jim renacci. ♪


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